Homecharge Grant Scheme

  • The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) provides grants up to £350 off the upfront cost of an EV Charging Station.
  • Requires the EV Charging Manufacturer Equipment to be OZEV Approved.
  • AC 3.5kW to 23kW Fast DC 10-22kW
  • Charging station must be SMART-enabled – able to receive, process, monitor and record data, to be accessed remotely through Open Charge Point Protocol and have measures making it resilient to cyber-attack
  • Charging Equipment shall be supplied with Three Year Parts & INSTALLATION warranty.

Enquiry Request


  • Does the client own, lease or have primary use of an eligible EV?
  • Is there designated private off-street parking?


  • Survey & quotes
  • Customer to agree terms

DNO Notification

  • Evidence provided to DVLA for each grant claim

Installation & Payment


OZEV Grant Received

  • Installer claims Grant
  • Payment is approximately 30-60 working days to Installer

*Please note that the value of the EVHS grant was reduced from £500 to £350 in the March 2020 Budget. As this change came at short notice a transition period was initially permitted, to give customers who had applied before 12 March 2020 the chance to still receive the £500 EVHS grant, if their installation was completed by 31 May 2020. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsquent lockdown restrictions, this transition period has now been extended until 5 April 2021.

**Documentation includes:
1) Signed customer declaration form;
2) Photographic evidence (chargepoint unit with serial number visible + showing off-street parking with chargepoint visible);
3) Proof of purchase for customers' EV.