Get Easee Ready for the charging future

Get Easee Ready for the charging future
Ready or not, the UK is going to have to undergo a revolution in the way it fuels its vehicles within the next ten years. Easee Ready is a future-proof solution that will help with the big switchover.

To meet its 2030 target of banning the sale of new petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicles, the UK government is looking at many ways in which it can expand the EV charging infrastructure associated with existing and new residential and commercial buildings. These include introducing legislation that makes charging points mandatory for parking spaces in all new residential buildings, and to have the cabling installed for chargepoints in every building renovation with more than 10 parking spaces.

A small percentage of people currently require a charging station, and multiple station points are costly to install, so it makes sense to prepare even if final deployment is in the future.

The idea of future-proofing the charging infrastructure has long been a part of planning guidance in major UK cities. For example, since 2011 the 'London Plan' has provided a distinction between “active” and “passive” provision of chargepoints in different development types for the capital. An “Active” space is “an actual socket connected to the electrical supply system that vehicle owners can plug their vehicle into”; a “Passive” space is “the network of cables and power supply necessary so that at a future date a socket can be added easily”. All residential and retail developments require a 20% passive provision under the London Plan.

The Easee Ready makes future-proofing possible at a low cost. Any site that has chosen to install an Easee Charge or Easee Home into their network can select how many individual chargepoints they will need in the future (up to 101 units per circuit can be connected with the Easee Charge), and after the initial cabling and electrical work is done, the backplates of each Easee Ready can be wired into position, and the blind covers attached. Then when the time is right, the Chargeberry of an Easee Charge or Home can be slotted onto the backplate. The blind cover can be replaced by a cover in the colour of the customer's choice.

The beauty of Easee Ready is that it is scalable due to Easee’s innovative Plug & Play technology.

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