Get EV equipped with the Replenishh Configurator

Get EV equipped with the Replenishh Configurator
Each EV charging installation is different.

Some sites may have a three phase incoming supply, and therefore capable of providing DC charging; others might require a full site survey. There will be other issues, such as different types of charging and communication cables. How long do they need to be? Does your comms cable need to be armoured? How many cores in your power cable? What about a system that regulates the amount of load being used at any one time? Plus there are those all-important finishing touches - mounting posts and parking barriers.

To help installers through the maze of the procurement process we have developed the Replenishh Configurator - an online tool that helps installers build a basket of equipment. The user is asked a series of questions based on their specific requirements or the limitations they face on site, and can be used to equip projects in homes, businesses, public amenities or multi-residential environments.

"The main objective of the Configurator is to simplify the process of EV charging procurement", says Jim Rugg, EV Technical & Specifications Manager at Replenishh.

"Resourcing an EV installation is about so much more than a particular charging station. It is about cable management, switchgear, earthing, signage, protection and payment systems. Rather than piecing these elements together like a jigsaw - a particularly fragmented one - via different suppliers and outlets, the Configurator acts as a ‘one-stop shop."

Watch this short video to find out more:

"The length of time it takes to complete the Configurator will very much depend on the complexity of your installation," says Mr Rugg. "If you have all the required data to hand it should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to put together a Configurator basket. Once you have built your suite of products, you will have the option to add directly to your basket on the Replenishh website or save it as a Job Quote. You can return to a Job Quote at any time.

Already it has been well received by EV charging installers and contractors. George Hunt from Downtown Electrical, an EV charging specialist from Yorkshire, and Dominic Longley from the contracting franchise Mr Electric have been impressed. Both have called the Configurator a ‘great tool’, citing its particular use when on site. Technical data can be used to specify the type of equipment you may need for an installation.

The Configurator is available at to registered users of Replenishh. All you need to do is log in to the website, using your Replenishh or Rapid account details. Registration is quick and easy and brings the following benefits:
  • Use of the Configurator
  • Exclusive installer pricing
  • 60-day credit terms
  • Access to OLEV-approved training courses
  • Dedicated technical & sales support
  • View and track your recent and current orders
  • View your invoices

What are you waiting for? Get equipped the easy way!