Replenishh announce new supply partnership with Easee

Replenishh announce new supply partnership with Easee

Brand new to the UK market, Easee have achieved phenomenal success in Norway and other countries since forming in 2018. Their objective is to simplify everything that can be simplified, from design and specification right through to the installation and maintenance of the Charging Stations.

Norwegian by design

Easee builds intuitive charger’s that automatically adapt to your house, electric car and mains. As a Norwegian EV charging specialist, this is a company that enjoys the concept of form and functionality and combines this in a rather stylish charging Robot. The Key selling point here is that it has the intelligence to maximise on charging when power is at its cheapest.

Simplicity is at the heart of the design for Easee’s range, with two options; Easee Home and Easee Charge, the Robots are available in a range of colours and are capable of charging at Single and Three phase that supports 1.4 kW to 22 kW charge via a Type 2 standard charging connector.

Mounting Options enable both Wall and Pedestal Mount Applications. The intelligent design enables it to adjust automatically to the load on the mains, taking power during low usage periods.

The charging stations are 69% smaller and lighter than other similar electric charging stations and weigh only 1.5kg. This creates for good green credentials with a saving of at least 4 kilos of copper and plastic per charger produced.

With an Easee charger robot you can be assured that the charging is safe. The cable is automatically locked when charging and it has a built-in type B ground fault protection.

Watch the Easee movie:

See how simple to install:

Backend solutions

For operational use, the charger runs off Easee’s own app but also facilitates OCPP, which makes it interoperable with other Back office solutions, including Hubeleon and ParkNRecharge

An integrated eSIM allows the device to auto-connect to a mobile network if coverage is sufficient.

For homes with more than one electric vehicle, it is possible to connect up to three charging boxes in series. They will then balance each other so that you always get the maximum charging current.

Become an Easee OLEV installer

To become an OLEV Accredited installer for Easee, Replenishh and Easee have launched an e-learning training programme. This training session will focus on what you need to know about Easee product knowledge and services and how to install the manufacturers’ charging stations.

 To register your interest please complete the online form.

 Easee products will be available on the Replenishh website soon.

In the meantime please contact the Replenishh team for pricing information.