Replenishh takes home charging to a whole new level with new supply partner Ohme

Replenishh takes home charging to a whole new level with new supply partner Ohme

Replenishh is excited to announce our latest partnership with Ohme, home of innovative smart charging for electric vehicles.

Ohme’s vision is to become the world’s most trusted smart charging platform. Founded by scientist and ethical investor David Watson, while he was researching clean energy projects, Ohme was built with the environment, electric vehicles, and ease of installation in mind.

Developed to allow consumers to charge at off-peak times by reducing costs and even paying them to charge, Ohme have created a smart charging solution that not only makes EVs cheaper to run, but allows consumers, businesses, and energy suppliers to work together to support the global transition to renewables.

Introducing Ohme Home Pro

Your easiest install yet.

Now available through Replenishh and the latest addition to the Ohme family, the Home Pro charger takes home charging to a whole new level offering a climate-conscious and convenient way to charge that reduces the cost of owning an electric vehicle.

When it comes to set up, the Home Pro Charger is robustly engineered, quick to install, beautifully designed and easy to commission. The benefit to your customers is an intelligent and easy to use charger that finds the best real-time pricing for charging to avoid the demand for energy on the national grid.


  • Intelligent App
  • Dynamic Load Management
  • 4G Connectivity
  • PEN Fault Protection
  • Type A RCD Protection

Ohme also offer comprehensive guides and training support to help you quickly, safely, and easily install their products.

At Replenishh we offer the Ohme Home Pro charger and accessories, in stock with single units or volume orders available at discounted rates.

Jim Rugg, Head of Replenishh, comments:

“Replenishh are committed to working with passionate and innovative supply partners who share our vision and are driving the electric revolution forward with fantastic market leading products. We are proud to have further enhanced our EV charging portfolio and are excited to offer our installers the chance to purchase the Ohme Home Pro and accessories from the Replenishh range.”

Stuart Clark, Sales Director at Ohme comments:

“This is the start of a really exciting partnership with Replenishh. It's great to partner with a company that shares the same values and has a focus on e-mobility. Replenishh are a one-stop-shop for installers that require Ohme charging points and all other components required for an installation.”