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The Ohme Home Pro, your EV’s new best friend The Ohme Home Pro, your EV’s new best friend


Ohme invites you to be a part of the electric revolution and their vision is to become the world’s most trusted smart charging platform. Founded by scientist and ethical investor David Watson, while he was researching clean energy projects, Ohme was built with the environment, electric vehicles, and ease of installation in mind.

Developed to allow consumers to charge at off-peak times by reducing costs and even paying them to charge. Ohme have created a smart charging solution that not only makes EVs cheaper to run, but allows consumers, businesses and energy suppliers to work together to support the global transition to renewables.

Ohme Home Pro EV charger Installed


Ohme Home Pro EV charger

Ohme Home Pro

Your easiest install yet.

The latest addition to the Ohme family, the Home Pro charger is an intelligent charger that finds the best real-time pricing for charging to avoid the demand for energy on the national grid.

When it comes to set up, the Home Pro Charger is robustly engineered, quick to install, and easy to commission. A simple QR code scan and 4G GSM connection is used to connect the unit so there is no need to attempt to pair with Wi-Fi, saving time for you and the homeowner.

Featuring an LCD screen to control the charger from the charger itself, a stylish design that looks at home beside the electric vehicle, and the ability to control costs with a max price cap and the ‘Green Score’ feature to track CO2 levels.

Intelligent App

Dynamic Load Management

4G Connectivity

PEN Fault Protection

Type A RCD Protection

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Ohme Back office solution

Back office solution

The user can control the charging through the LCD screen on the charger or through the app. The easy-to-use app provides insight into carbon emissions and control costs, to save money as the car charges.

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Ohme Training

Ohme Training

Electric vehicles are the future. Help us to meet the global demand for charging points by attending a joint Replenishh and Ohme online training webinar.

Increase your sales and delight your customers with support and information on how to sell and install OHME Home Pro chargers.

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