Mike’s all charged up at home with Wallbox

Mike’s all charged up at home with Wallbox

At Replenishh, all our team are passionate about the drive for a greener future, so it makes sense that not only as a company, members of our team also invest in the road to Net Zero and the benefits of using environmentally minded technology in their everyday lives. We recently followed our very own EV Sales Executive, Michael Hathaway-Howell with his recent Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV charger installation at his home.

Although Wallbox chargers are simple and easy to install, Michael’s installation posed a few extra considerations and difficulties. The location of Michael’s off-street parking and separate garage situated over 50 metres away from his house affected the complexity of the project. Not only were additional site works required, but the duration of the install also increased as well as the materials required which all needed to be factored in on the day to ensure a successful installation.

As a regular customer of Replenishh, Michael chose TH Electrical, an electrical company based in Colchester with over 35 years’ experience, secure in the knowledge they would rise to the unique challenge his install required.

For the installation, Michael chose the Wallbox Pulsar Plus – as he wanted a fast, easy, and smart solution. Not only does Wallbox’s smart EV charging systems combine cutting-edge technology with outstanding design, managing the communication between car and charger is so simple for Michael and his family to use. The benefits of security, easy identification to know when it’s charging, and the easy-to-use MyWallbox app also allows Michael to check on charging activity of his charger at any time in real-time.

The additional benefit of the Wallbox Pulsar Plus is that the charging cable is provided with the charger, along with a holster to mount the tethered lead which included with the charger, this provides a simple plug’n’play solution for Michael. Safety being a key factor, the Wallbox Pulsar Plus is also equipped with integrated DC leakage protection and in-built earthing protection as standard.

During a site visit TH Electrical devised the best solution to navigate the cable from his home electrical board to the charging point in his garage. Scott, the installer in question also considered other logistics such as obstacles and quite importantly the aesthetics to ensure that visually the cable blended well into the property as the cable needed to not only traverse around his house but run through his garden to the garage.

As there was extensive external cabling needed, over 56 metres of it, Michael chose the NYY-J multi core power cable from Unistrand, which is ideal for use in EV applications, perfectly suited for exposure to the elements, as well as indoors and cable ducts.

When discussing the installation, Michael commented on why he wanted to showcase a tricky and not standard installation:

“We decided to use this Install as a case study as I had a very unusual situation where my off-street parking is so far away from the front of my house. We hope this will address and help ease anyone’s mind who has a similar set up who may have been put off and show them just how this can be achieved. It is vital to choose a competent and fully trained installer who is familiar with your chosen charger but most importantly the size of job. Also, to avoid any delays, I would advise the installer has at least 100 metres of cable on their van to make sure there is enough there for the length of the job.”

As well as being the proud owner of a neat, sleek and great looking Wallbox Pulsar Plus at his home, switching from a petrol car to an electric vehicle means that Michael can now reap the benefits of cleaner energy and join the ever-growing electrical rEV-lution!

We would like to thank both Wallbox and TH Electrical for partnering with us for this installation. Find out more about WallBox.

To become a certified Wallbox installer today, visit this webpage.

If you would like to discuss your EV installer requirements with a member of the Replenishh or even get more details of Michael’s installation or his new shiny car, please email us or call the team on 01206 835540.