What installers are saying about the Wallbox Pulsar Plus

What installers are saying about the Wallbox Pulsar Plus
EV charging installers in the UK have been giving their first reviews of the Pulsar Plus and Wallbox will not be disappointed!

“Well played Wallbox!”

Nick McNally of McNally Electrical Yorkshire Ltd
“Installing one of the first Wallbox Pulsar Plus charging stations in the UK was a privilege in itself!”, said Nick, who founded his company in 2015 and which has become one of the fastest growing EV charging installers in the country.

“Having installed over 7,000 domestic charge points nationwide as a company, with a variety of brands, we know that there wasn’t much we hadn’t seen. On delivery of the Pulsar Plus we could see by the presentation of the packaging that we were dealing with a quality product and could not wait to get it installed! As EV charging installers we know that it’s about efficiency and that is exactly what the install was; once we had installed the cable in position it took just 45 minutes to mount the charge point, carry out the safety test procedures and commission the unit. The myWallbox app connected first time and it was a straightforward exercise.”

“I'm looking forward to working closely with Wallbox and installing more units in the UK. I was very impressed with the speed of installation and setup of the app. This unit is unique with the onboard Open protection but still maintaining a small stylish casing.”

“It's simple to fit and looks great!”

Martin Wells of Mr Charger, West Sussex
“The latest Wallbox Pulsar Plus is a great unit. It’s really simple to install and the additional PEN detection is a real advantage over other manufacturers. I was also really impressed with how easy it was to set up and commission. It was all done in only a few minutes. I can really see a lot of our customers choosing the Pulsar Plus and we are hoping to fit many more.”

“It was great to be able to work alongside Replenishh on this first test unit”, said Martin, who specialises in electric vehicle charging and energy storage solutions for domestic and commercial clients across the south east of England.

“We are always impressed with the support we get from Jim and the team at Replenishh. They are the only supplier we have that we can call and get specific product knowledge and technical advice which enables us to deliver the best solutions for our customers.”

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