Opening questions: Damien Cope, Business Development Manager

Opening questions: Damien Cope, Business Development Manager

We are delighted to have welcomed a new member to the Replenishh team!

Damien Cope joins us as our Business Development Manager. Here is a quick Q&A to find out a little more about Damien ([pictured here on the left, with EV Technical & Specifications Manager Jim Rugg, right) and what he will be doing at Replenishh.

Welcome to Replenishh Damien. How did you get here?

DC: I worked for many years in the energy efficiency industry, mainly for companies that manage funding for government lead energy efficiency programmes. Having always had an interest in this area it was a natural progression into EV. So in recent years I have worked as a BDM for a large Chargepoint network provider as well as for a UK-wide EV sales service and maintenance company.

What will be your main duties in your role?

DC: To sing from the rooftops about Replenishh! Mainly I will be working closely with OLEV installers to help them throughout their EV journey, and to get many more registered with the Replenishh network and using our website to its full potential.

What interested you about Replenishh and what will you be looking to achieve here?

DC: Having been involved in the EV industry on the other side of the fence as an installer, I have seen first-hand the issues that arise when specifying kit. For example, when I consider the time it takes to turn around quotations when purchasing from multiple vendors, the fact that Replenishh is a "one stop shop" is a major benefit to installation companies. Plus, with EV being an embryonic industry there will be lots of new entrants who will need guidance on what equipment to order. I would like Replenishh to become THE "go to" site for EV installers and us to be their first Click of the day!

Looking at the EV industry as a whole, what do you see as the biggest challenge the industry faces?

Damien Cope

DC: Outside of the usual myths surrounding EV’s (keep an eye on the Replenishh newsletter for more on this) I think the biggest challenge is for the industry to keep up with demand. There may be a shortage of well-trained installation companies, as demand for charging points outstrips supply, particularly with employers wanting to electrify their fleet. This could lead to something of a Wild West scenario where unregistered companies enter the marketplace and give the whole industry a bad reputation.

What are the major opportunities/changes for the EV industry in 2020?

DC: The traditional barriers to EV adoption of Range, Cost, Choice, Charging & Performance are slowly being eroded by the range of new vehicles being produced by the large OEMs. This means that EV will no longer just be the preserve of the "early adopter" who is in it for sustainability or the tech factor; it will appeal to the mainstream consumer who just wants a reliable car at a reasonable price which can be charged conveniently. It is this market that will be the tipping point.

What is the best piece of advice you've heard in your career, or quote that inspires you?

DC: "Make your bed and start your day as you mean to go on!"

It's not all work, work, work. What do you enjoy doing outside the office?

DC: I am a retired rugby player and I still like to keep myself relatively fit. I am a keen golfer currently playing off a 15 handicap (could do better!). I have two springer spaniels so have to do plenty of walking and running to keep them from eating the house! I also enjoy indoor rowing and I am currently in training to go under seven minutes for 2000m and 40 minutes for 10,000m, with a view to entering some competitions in 2020.

Thanks Damien, and good luck with Replenishh!