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Surge Protecting Devices (SPD) – The importance of installers fitting SPDs

Surge Protecting Devices (SPD)  – The importance of installers fitting SPDs
As an electrician, the responsibility of ensuring customers have reliable and safe charging solutions for their electric vehicles is a top priority. Electrical power surges pose a significant threat to EV home charge points and the equipment connected to them. That's why the use of surge protection devices (SPD) is important.

Power surges can be caused by lightning strikes, faulty electrical equipment, or power restoration after an outage. Although these events may only last for a moment, the damage they cause can be catastrophic. By installing an SPD in the home fuse box during charger installation, electricians can protect their customers' EV charge points and electrical equipment from the damaging effects of excess voltage.

An SPD (Surge Protective Device) swiftly detects and diverts any excess voltage to earth, resetting itself in a mere 25 nanoseconds. This lightning-fast response ensures seamless protection without interruption to the rest of the installation as only over-voltage is redirected to earth.

The recent 18th Edition Amendment 2 wiring regulations, introduced in September 2022, require all new electric circuits to include protection. This includes EV charge point installations. Although customers have the option to opt out of installing an SPD, it is highly recommended not to. The warranties of manufacturers and the coverage of home insurance policies may not be valid if a surge protection device is not installed, resulting in costly repairs and replacements of electrical devices, including EV chargers.

As an installer, it is essential to ensure customers have the best protection for their EV home chargers. Installing an SPD provides added safety and peace of mind. With an SPD in place, both the installer and the customer can feel confident that the EV charge point is protected against power surges and the potential damage they may cause.

At Replenishh, we offer the full WCED and GARO surge projection range, that also includes kit options with MCB and RCBO protection for EV Charging installations. In addition, we are now stocking the Matt:E Pen Fault Detection (PME) devices which now includes surge protection options across the single and three phase range. These products are designed to provide the best protection for EV home and commercial charge points and the equipment connected to them. Contact us to learn more about how we can help keep your customers' charging solutions safe and reliable.

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