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About Us

Replenishh is an industry-leading EV charging solution, providing a comprehensive range of services, products, training options, information and advice. Our mission is simple: to make EV installation a more straightforward process for electrical contractors as well as homeowners and procurement professionals.

Here is what Replenishh offers:

  • An online configuration tool specifying exactly what equipment an installation requires
  • Extensive range of products, from charging stations to cabling
  • Access to OZEV-approved training courses & site surveys
  • Special pricing for installers
  • Up to 30-day credit terms
  • Dedicated technical and sales support

Replenishh is powered by Rapid, an electronics distributor with over 40 years experience in meeting customer needs. Replenishh builds on the EV expertise Rapid has acquired as a supplier of EV charging stations, and combines Rapid’s logistical capabilities with its procurement experience, meaning that customers get the best products at the best price via the best service.

If you are already a Rapid customer there is no need to change a thing. All your account and log-in details remain the same. To open a new Replenishh installer account click here.