About Monta

Monta is the operating platform powering the EV ecosystem serving drivers, companies, cities, and the electricity grid with one integrated software solution.

We believe that accelerating and democratising the adoption of EV technology is key to building a better future.

Monta’s mission is to provide the best technology solutions for the entire EV charging cycle. At our core, we provide access, innovation and reliability to the mobility transformation.

We're here to make the transition to electric mobility as seamless and exciting as possible. With a single integrated software built to EV better.

For Businesses

For Businesses

Monta gives you the admin flexibility you need to adapt to the growing needs of the modern EV driver. Offer an easy charging experience on your premise and unlock additional revenue streams, all while reducing your CO2 output.

Full & automated control of your charge points: Whether it's an office, a business location or residential building, controlling charge points - payments, availability and pricing is easy and hassle free.

Earn money while promoting EV adoption: High charge point utilisation is an important piece in the EV charging infrastructure. Open up your charge points for public or semi-public access for additional revenue.

EV fleet & employee reimbursement: Monta supports the charging needs of electric fleets of all types and sizes. Keep your EV fleet on the move, and reimburse employee for home charging with one consolidated invoice.

Simple, scalable business solutions: Charge point owners need software solutions that can scale effectively. Set up, integrate or migrate your chargers, no matter the charge point brand or the operation size.

Dynamic pricing: Charge point owners can now accommodate for fluctuation and volatility of electricity prices by making their cost charging follow electricity spot prices.

For EV drivers

Charge your EV on your terms. With Monta you have full control over your charging experience, at home or on the road.

Control your home charge point for free: Monta is hardware-agnostic, meaning our software works on most charge point hardware brands and models.

Over 220k charge points at your fingertips: The Monta app helps you charge anywhere. We are well on our way of covering 90% of all charge points available in Europe and beyond.

Leverage SmartCharge: save money & charge greener: With Monta software, your charge point becomes truly smart. We use electricity pricing and emission data to help you save money, and help the environment in the process.

Seamlessly integrate your EV with Monta: Monta car integration allows users to stay in control of their EV charging experience and to unlock new features that make charging at home, convenient, easy, and automated.

Share your charge point: Easily share and give charging access to friends, family, guests and more. Set your charger to public with custom schedules and pricing to suit your needs.

For EV drivers

Monta is the software solution for managing charge points at any scale

Home charging

Home charging

Get access to smart charging, sharing and usage statistics.

Housing associations

Housing associations

Charging solution for residents and guests, with different prices and access.

Hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants

Offer the best charging experience for guests and employees.



Easy and user-friendly management of charge points, company cars, fleet management and more.

Subscription options

Monta pro pricing


Perfect for smaller sites that need to manage multiple charge points

Monta business pricing


Optimal for company fleets and larger sites like housing associations and companies.

Monta enterprise pricing


Best for large scale charging across multiple sites and the complete user experience.

Prices starting from £51 per charge point annually (ex VAT) with 8% transaction fees for a Pro subscription model, additional Business and Enterprise model pricing available once completing the below form.

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