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The Best Sellers at Replenishh

The Best Sellers at Replenishh

Here at Replenishh, we distribute a wide range of EV chargers to EV charging installers. Our Ohme, Zappi and Easee chargers have gained immense popularity due to their innovative features, outstanding reliability, and user-friendly interfaces. Customers trust these chargers for their efficiency, sustainability, and seamless integration into residential and commercial charging setups.

Ohme Chargers

Ohme was formed in 2017 and is a London-based company. Their chargers combine a discreet look and good value with unique technology that integrates with all energy tariffs, including the smartest ones, automating charging so you get charged the cheapest rates. Their chargers use 3G/4G signals which are more reliable than Wi-Fi, plus this is included in their fee for 3 years, so you do not pay extra for connection. They integrate super smart software, and green energy with a slim profile which holistically forms a favourite amongst our customers.

Ohme is a newer name to the EV charger market but has made a clear statement with their Ohme E-Pod, Ohme Home Pod, and Ohme Home Pod Pro. All are type 2 chargers, with 230V Ac single-phase input supply. All chargers come with Protective Earth and Neutral Fault Protection, integrated DC leakage and in-built load management. The Ohme Home Pod and Ohme Home Pod Pro have an interactive LED screen that displays live charge data. This gives the option to have full control of charging from the charger itself or via the Ohme app. Individuals can review their full charge history and the charger integrates with your energy tariff to charge at the cheapest times, so it is easy to see why they are so popular with Replenishhh customers.


Myenergi was founded in the United Kingdom in 2016 by Jordan Brompton and Lee Sutton. The company was established with a focus on green and sustainable energy solutions. Myenergi products are known for their smart and user-friendly features. They can be controlled and monitored through mobile apps, allowing users to schedule charging times, track energy consumption, and maximise the use of renewable energy sources. Myenergi offers a range of products and solutions designed to promote the use of renewable energy and EV charging. Bestsellers from Myenergi include the Myenergi Zappi range.

Myenergi Zappi all come with built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet so there’s no need for a separate hub. They have a smartphone app to monitor charge, as well as a 7kw power output. The chargers also incorporate the latest electrical protection devices required for safety even during abnormal power outputs. Built-in PEN fault technology is a key safety feature. Integrated RCD and Earth fault detection removes the need for a separate earth electrode for easier installation. The Myenergi Zappi is also eligible for both EVHS and WCS grants, and is now OCPP compatible, so it’s no surprise that EV installers often opt for Myenergi products from Replenishh.


Easee was founded in 2018, in Norway by a team of individuals with expertise in technology and engineering. The company's mission is to provide smart and convenient charging solutions for electric vehicles to encourage the transition to sustainable transportation. Easee offers a range of EV charging products, including charging stations and related software solutions. They are known for their sleek and compact designs, making them easy to install in homes and businesses.

The Easee One, has been developed specifically for the UK market. They are lightning intelligent, give more power, have smarter control, and have high levels of security giving owners a sense of ease and security. The Easee One is intelligent and adapts to all-electric vehicles, power supplies and mains. With the home charging solution, there is no need to consider technical specifications – the Easee One will automatically detect what power the vehicle requires. They come with built-in load management as standard with an option for dynamic load management with the Equalizer. Their chargers are built to comply with UK regulations; the Easee One comes with integrated type B RCD protection, 4G eSIM and open PEN conductor protection.

For commercial installations, Easee Charge offer a 22kw EV charging robot, that provides the ultimate solution for EV Charging at scale for car parks, apartment blocks or in-workplace charging. The Easee Charge features 1 and 3-phase charging with a Type 2 socket, delivering lightning-fast charging speeds, up to 10x faster than conventional outlets maximising power capabilities. The integrated autonomous load balancing system ensures even distribution of power and optimises the charging process, as well as an intelligent queuing system meaning multiple cars can be charged simultaneously without overloading the available power supply. The built-in power meters measure and accurately register each car's power consumption with an RFID chip or via the app. Easee Charge also comes with an integral eSIM and is WiFi ready which allows the unit to receive software updates meaning users can enjoy the latest features and technology with the confidence that the charger is up to date and ready for the future. Designed to meet UK EV charger regulations, Easee Charge features three levels of security: electronic earth fault protection, temperature sensors, and protection against overheating. Plus, the charging cable can be locked in the box through the app or the local Wi-Fi interface to prevent theft. At 69% more compact than other electric chargers, Easee Charge weighs just 1.5 kg and is IP54 rated making it suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

With all this technology and adaptability to different international markets, Easee is certainly a ‘favourite’ with many of customers, to both purchase and install.

Why choose Replenishh?

Replenishh incorporates all these incredible EV charging brands in one place, making it the ‘one-stop shop’ for EV charging installers to obtain all the parts they need. Replenishh also offers installer training services to assist electricians in having the correct skills for their EV charger installation projects. We encourage electricians to join the EV charging industry and become a qualified EV installer. It’s the ideal time to get ahead of the trend as we continue to see growth in the industry year on year. We believe in giving our trade customers outstanding service and advice to ensure that they come back time and time again to Replenishh.