Easee Ready
/ Plug & Play

Preparation is everything. Some commercial sites need to be made ready for EV charging stations, even if deployment is in the future. The Easee Ready gives you this option at a low cost. After the initial electrical work is done, the backplates of each Easee Ready can be wired into position, and the blind covers attached.

Then when the time is right, simply order an Easee Charge or Home and slot the Chargeberry onto the backplate. The blind cover can be replaced by a cover in the colour of your choice.

The beauty of Easee Ready is that it is scalable due to Easee’s innovative Plug & Play technology. This allows installers and homeowners to easily scale the system without any additional electrical work.

Easee Ready

Easee Ready - Comes with a seamless blind cover that is easy to click on or off

Easee Ready - Available for both Easee Home and Charge

Why choose Easee Ready?

Because you can scale electric

Charging needs change over time. Capacity will also change as more electric cars are driven. Therefore, it should be easy and inexpensive to expand the charging system. The charging robot acts as an intelligent junction box and it supports the expansion of several charging stations on the same cable.

More reasons to choose Easee Ready
  • Prepared charging point at low cost
  • Easily scale the system when the need for charging changes
  • Available for both Easee Home and Easee Charge

Prepared charging point

With a connected and programmed Easee Ready backplate, you get the parking space ready for future electric car charging at a very low cost.

Simple to Install

With Easee Ready, you choose when you want to complete the charging point, only adding the hardware upon demand. When the need for charging arises, order the Easee Home or Easee Charge and click the charging robot into position.

Plug & Play

The patented Easee Ready backplate enables the installation of an Easee Home or Easee Charge charging robot in just 15 seconds.

Easee Plug & Play

By following the instructions, anyone can easily connect an Easee charging robot and the front cover. No electrician needed!