Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations

Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations

Are you ready for the change to the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021?

At the end of this month, the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021 will change covering:

  • Electric vehicle private charge points which are sold for use in a domestic or workplace environment in Great Britain
  • Smart cables (defined as an electrical cable which is a charge point and is able to send and receive information)

The regulations come into force on 30 June 2022, apart from the security requirements set out in Schedule 1 of the regulations, which come into force on 30 December 2022.

Are you ready for the change?

With maximum penalties of up to £50,000 that could be imposed on those selling charge points that do not comply with the new regulations, are you ready?

Rest assured you can be confident that all products available on Replenishh from 30th June 2022 are compliant to the new standards or have been granted extensions.

What about 3rd Party Back Offices?

Monta software solution has already built the necessary features to be fully compliant with the legislation. Charge point hardware that is compliant with the Smart Charge Regulations and which connects to Monta to operate/manage private charge points will be compliant with the law.

What we offer

Replenishh will continue to support EV installers across the UK to achieve compliance. Our expert team have been working closely with our key supply chain partners to ensure that we are charged up and ready to go to provide you with the smart EV solution you require; to help you meet the regulations and ensure you are ready for your customers.

With a fully compliant product range of market leading brands, full access to compliance documentation and with technical and sales assistance on hand to support all our EV installers, we will help you get prepared for this change.

Not only that, we will continue to provide you with the following value-added services you have come to expect from Replenishh, so you can continue to focus on what you do best, installing EV charging services to your business and home owner customers:

  • Extensive range of products, from charging stations to cabling
  • Access to training courses & site surveys
  • Special pricing for installers
  • 60-day credit terms
  • Dedicated technical and sales support

The Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS) guidance

New guidance for sellers of electric vehicle charge points has been published by The Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS) and they will determine what level of monetary penalty is reasonable and proportionate, based on its assessment of the nature, seriousness and circumstances of the case. View guidance document here.

The regulations state that charge points sold for the intended private charging of vehicles must meet certain device-level requirements, which include:

  • Smart functionality
  • Electricity supplier interoperability
  • Communications network
  • Safety provisions
  • A measuring system
  • security requirements

Charge points must also:

  • Incorporate pre-set, off peak, default charging hours and allow the owner to accept, remove or change these upon first use and subsequently
  • Allow for a randomised delay function

The regulations do not apply to private charge points which are:

  • Sold in Northern Ireland
  • Sold before 30 June 2022
  • Not intended for use within Great Britain at any time
  • Sold by individuals outside of the purposes of their trade, business, craft or profession (for example, second-hand sales made between private individuals)
  • Non-smart cables or rapid charge points
  • Intended for use as public charge points (but these may be subject to the requirements of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulations 2017)

To provide assurance that each charge point sold complies with the regulations, the following documentation is required:

To learn more about how these new regulations will affect your business and how we may support you to continue on your EV journey, get in touch with our EV experts at Replenishh today.

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