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Why turn to home charging over public charging?

Why turn to home charging over public charging?

As a new, existing, or potential EV owner, you may have concerns over how to charge your electric vehicle, and of course, how to maintain your EVs battery life. A home EV charger is evidently a domestic appliance which can be used to charge your electric vehicle. Home EV chargers are certainly a worthwhile investment helping you to be less reliant on the public charging infrastructure. Let’s explain more.

The obvious benefit of a home charger is the convenience it brings. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to plug in your electric or hybrid vehicle when you get home from work or a day out. And if you have an-all electric car, you’ll never have the bother of having to make that often tiresome journey to a petrol station to fill up, as conventionally done with combustion engine cars. There will be many EV drivers who will tell you how they don’t miss going to a fuel station, and how a home EV charger makes life so much easier!

You can also avoid the charging woes of queuing for a public charger and leave the house every morning with a fully charged car all at your convenience. A car analytics study found an average UK person travels 20 miles every day in the car, which removes the worry of running low on battery or having to wait for a charger, simply by having one on your doorstep. No-one enjoys ‘range anxiety’!

Public charging is also largely more expensive than home charging. Public chargers understandably operate on a profit-driven basis, so there will always be a profit margin compared to the cost of using a home charging point. Of course, it’s important to ensure you are on a competitive electricity tariff, so you don’t pay a premium on your charging. It’s helpful to understand the cost difference between a ‘rapid’ level 3 DC charger, compared to a level 2 charger, the latter being significantly lower.

The majority of chargers we provide here at Replenishh are smart chargers, so you can set your charging sessions to start at optimum times, such as between 12 a.m. – 5 a.m. when charging costs are at their lowest. Octopus EV claims this off-peak nighttime charging will cost you around 3p a mile. And, what’s more, it’s all going on while you can be tucked up asleep, ready to start a new day with a full charge!

Some other benefits of installing a home charger are that they can increase the value of your property. Of course, the government delayed the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars which is now planned for 2035. Installation can help to future-proof homes with an increasing number of people looking for houses with a ready-fit home charger. According to the National Association of Property Buyers, by adding EV charging points to your home, can increase the value of your property by as much as £5000, while also giving you the convenience of being able to charge your EV at home.

When assessing it from a cost perspective for your vehicle, home charging is also much healthier for your EV. Heavy reliance on level 3 rapid chargers at public charge points can also shorten the life of your EV’s battery. Many automotive manufacturers recommend using them occasionally, and on an infrequent basis, as ultra-fast charging can degrade the battery quicker than level 2 chargers with lower output. It can affect long-term vehicle value and all car owners want to minimise depreciation. The initial cost of a home charger can be offset against cheaper charging compared to public charging, which also helps to preserve a longer battery life for your EV. So, there are many benefits in having a home EV charger.

Here at Replenishh, as a B2B distributor and supplier to the trade, we partner with market-leading brands in the EV charging industry. We offer the most competitive prices and provide ‘a one-stop shop’ for EV Charging installers to obtain all the parts they need for both AC and DC Charging requirements, with full access to approved manufacturer training, for a fast and efficient installation. If you are considering becoming an EV Installer and joining the industry, contact Replenishh today.